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Chicago-Edgebrook - North Branch Arts 5421 W. Devon Ave.   

Glenview - The Dance & Music Academy 3230 Glenview Rd.

Morton Grove - Morton Grove Park District 6834 Dempster St.

Park Ridge/Niles - 7350 N. Milwaukee Ave. 

Wilmette - R&B Dance Center 807 Ridge Rd.

JCC Northbrook East - Bernard Weinger 300 Revere Dr.  

JCC Northbrook West -  "Z" Frank Apachi 3050 Woodridge Ln.

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 Welcome to the North Shore's Premier Music Together® Center!


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Do you know that all children are musical?

Many people mistakenly believe that only a talented few are musical and the rest of us are doomed to sing out of tune and dance with two left feet.  In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to talk and walk.  The ability to learn to sing in tune and move with accurate rhythm is natural to humans.  Music intelligence, just like aptitude for math, science, language, or the visual arts, is distributed normally throughout the population.  That is, only about two percent of the population is born with either exceptionally high or low music intelligence, and most of us are within the "normal" range. We have enough music potential to learn to sing in a chorus or play an instrument. 

What are the benefits of early music development?

Music-making, like talking and walking, is a life skill that is learned during the early years.  Children who experience interesting music and experiment with it for several years during early childhood will be more likely to achieve basic music skills such as keeping a steady tempo, move rhythmically, and sing comfortably in tune.  If your child has active experiences with a wealth of songs and rhythmic movement before the age of five, he or she is likely to have an excellent music and movement vocabulary for the rest of his or her life.    


What classes are like...

Twelve children (infants - 5 year olds) and their parents or caregivers meet for 45 minutes each week and are immersed in a complete musical experience from beginning to end.  It's a community of children and their families and teachers sharing songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement activities in a relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented setting.  Music is learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children.  Each child can participate at their own level and are able to explore in a variety of ways with the example of the adults' participation in and joy of making music.  These classroom activities serve as a springboard for further music-making at home.    




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